How do I know if pipe relining is suitable to fix my problem?

Firstly to accurately assess your pipes we will send a CCTV camera down the drain where we will be able to see the condition of the drain. Our qualified technicians will then be able to tell you if pipe relining is required.


Is pipe relining strong enough to handle the pressures required?

Yes, pipe relining is a very hard durable material that can be expected to last for over 50 years. There has already been thousands of cured pipe relining installed around the world. Studies have shown them to withstand every corrosive environment and are guaranteed to pass the test of time.


Can pipe relining repair 90 degree bends and changes in pipe diameter?

Yes, pipe relining can repair 90 degree bends in pipes as well as pipes in diameter of 50mm until 250mm. The maximum length is over 50 meters.


What are the benefits of relining broken pipes?

• Being a much cheaper option than replacing the existing pipes

• A lot less mess, can be finished in 1 day

• Stronger than brand new PVC pipe

• Will save your trees and garden

• Avoids damaging any of your buildings and/or infrastructure

• Eliminates tree root problems for good


Is it easy for tree roots to break through the pipe relining?

Pipe relining creates a joint-less end product.  This ensures there is nowhere for the tree root to enter the drain meaning pipe relining is 100% guaranteed against tree roots.

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